Deadlines loom for PSU students, pay close attention seniors

For many Portland State students who will graduate this summer, deadlines loom on the horizon. Not only do you have to worry about completing required classes, you also have to tie up all the loose odds and ends – all the miscellaneous paperwork you spend so much time on that never seems to get done. But we’re here to help you get your priorities straight and make sure you don’t miss one of these all-important deadlines, regardless of whether you’re a soon-to-be alumnus or just looking forward to summer vacation.

It’s easy to let things slide spring term – the weather is getting nicer, and you’d just like to be outside playing with the squirrels instead of listening to a lecture in the basement of Cramer Hall. But if nothing else, plan ahead. It’s easy to let the little things slide, but if you ever want to leave PSU’s hallowed halls, get your butt in gear!

Things to do before the end of winter term:

?Last day to turn in Stott Center locker room baskets: March 23

?Last day to clean out lockers in Cramer, Smith and Neuberger: March 23

?First day you can start buying the last textbooks you may ever need (PSU Bookstore textbook department opens): March 26

?Last day to register for spring without standing in lines in Neuberger: April 1

?Last day you can eke out of that all-day winter parking pass: April 1

?Last day to perfect your Oregon tan (end of Spring Break): April 1

?First day of the last term you may ever have to take classes: April 2

Things to do before the end of spring term:

?Last day to enroll in classes for spring term: April 13

?Last day to pay tuition without being fined (initial late fee): April 13

?Last day to pay tuition without being fined again (additional late fee): May 26

?Last day to get any of your money back, slacker (25 percent refund if withdrawing from class, after this date nothing): April 27

?Last PSU holiday (and the only one during spring term ) Memorial Day: May 28

?Last days you can sell back any textbooks you don’t want: June 11-16

?Last week of torture (finals): June 11-16

Things to do before you graduate:

?Last day to submit degree application for summer graduation: April 6 (deadline for June graduation was back in January)

?Last days to pick up caps and gowns for graduation: June 13 and 14

?Last day to clear academic deficiencies for June graduation: June 15

?Last day to turn in Stott Center locker room baskets for spring term: June 15

?Last day to clean out lockers: June 15

?Last day to pay library fines – or they won’t let you graduate: June 15

?Last day to pay The Man – RCAP (Revolving Charge Account Plan) payment due: June 15

?Last day you’ll ever have to do anything with PSU again (Commencement): June 17

?Last day to order class rings and announcements: never, Josten’s is always happy to take your money

Things to do after you graduate:

?Last drunken party you can chalk up to “being young and stupid and in college”: June 17 (please party safely)

?First day to start the rest of your post-PSU life: June 18

?First day the PSU Alumni Association will start hounding you for donations: June 18

?Last day you can use your PSU ID card for free services after you graduate: June 24

?Very last day you can eke out of that all-day spring parking pass: June 24

?Last day you can see a nurse with Student Health Services: June 24

?Last day you can see a nurse if you get extended coverage through SHS: Sept. 21

?First day you can laugh at the people who haven’t graduated yet (summer term begins): June 25

?Last time you can use your PSU e-mail account: mid-October, then deactivated

?Last time people could visit your personal PSU Web page: mid-October, then deleted

?Last day the food court will be open (until Fall term): Sept. 1 – open through spring and summer breaks

?Last day you can check books out of the PSU library: never, just get an alumni ID card after you graduate

That’s right, there is never a shortage of things to put on your calendar, especially for you seniors. Maybe the length of this list will inspire you to finally get that day planner – you’re going to need it!