Deadly diversions

    Every holiday season has a few of those "must have" toys, the precious few gifts that send parents clamoring and give toy-store owners the money for their vacations.

    Even so, some of the most sought-after presents can be dangerous. Because of this, certain toys are recalled to prevent injuries to those who purchase them.

    Polly Pocket Magnetic Play Set–manufactured by Mattel Toys

    Recalled on Nov. 21 for containing small, one-eighth inch magnets that may fall out of the doll and be swallowed by the child in play. Naturally, the hazard behind any small object being swallowed is great, but for a child to swallow a magnetic object would likely cause severe health issues that, unless treated immediately, may be irreversible.

    Polly Pocket dolls are manufactured in China and were priced between $15 and $30 at retail stores across the nation. Thus far, at least three children, all under the age of eight, have been hospitalized. Mattel is offering vouchers for the dolls and has approached medical concerns case by case. Roughly 2.4 million play sets were manufactured.

    Kool Toyz–manufactured by Target

    Kool Toyz were pulled after Target realized that lead paint was used to color pieces of the play sets. Some of the objects–most notably the action figures and car models–have been known to break apart and expose dangerously sharp objects that can scratch children deeply. No injuries have yet been reported, though several concerned adults have contacted Target demanding a refund.

    The cost of the toys at any Target store ranges from $10 to $20, depending on which toy is purchased. Target’s toy-manufacturing division is based in Hong Kong and they have recalled the Toyz line indefinitely. Full refunds are offered for the toys in-store and adults are recommended to remove the toys from any child’s possession immediately. Just over 190,000 were manufactured.

    Play Wonder puzzle toys–manufactured by Target

    Target also recalled all of their Play Wonder puzzle toys on Nov. 15. Some were worried that small children could break off pegs on the toys, swallow them or be cut with the pegs. No injuries have yet been reported, however, and Target is no longer selling the toys.

    They were available for purchase in store and online for around $25, with the recall allowing for a full refund on the puzzle toys. About 7,000 units were manufactured and shipped.

?”All information from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission