Destigmatizing singledom

Valentine’s Day is the one day out of the year when romance blossoms. Your special someone pre-orders you some surprise flowers, or you wake up to a box of chocolates on the pillow next to yours. The wonders of Valentine’s Day never cease to amaze the coupledom of society; however, not everyone is part of a couple, or wants to be. Luckily for them, “special someone” need not be limited to the girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife/partner role.

Being single is a celebration! Imagine not having to try to impress anyone or worry about anyone and instead just enjoying yourself. Revel in having extra cash because you don’t have to buy anyone anything. This Valentine’s Day, whether you choose to be single or not, just enjoy yourself! You are born into this world to love and know yourself.

Before you fall into a deep sorrow because you don’t have that special someone this Valentine’s Day, why not recognize all the special people you do have in your life?

Send your mom a special flower delivery. Watch a horror movie with your dad. Make treats with your siblings. If you’re feeling risky, third-wheel it with your best friend and his/her partner. (Not recommended, but hey, you do you!) Or, if you and your friend are both single, why not go on a friend date to a fancy restaurant you normally wouldn’t go to?

Whether or not you have the traditional special someone, there is someone in your life. Hell, I am spending this Valentine’s Day with my cat. And it’s so easy—you don’t have to buy your pet chocolate or anything. “Does this dress make me look fat?” could get you a soft mew or woof—which, of course, translates to, “You look fab!”

If you’re not a people person and choose to spend Valentine’s Day by yourself, have no fear because you aren’t by yourself: You have you. This Valentine’s Day, why not try something different and see if you enjoy it?

Look up a recipe and try to make it. See how many marshmallows you can shove in your mouth. Try a new movie genre or a new Netflix series you normally wouldn’t watch. If you’re a bookworm, find a genre of book you normally don’t read and try it out! Heck, you could even do your homework! You’ll be all done with your homework while everyone else will be struggling to get it done that night.

Something interesting about living in Oregon on Valentine’s Day is the fact that Feb. 14 is Oregon’s birthday. What better way to celebrate than by exploring the nature Oregon provides? Go to the Columbia Gorge or the Japanese Gardens! Treat yourself!

If you would rather be more productive, you can work on Valentine’s Day. It may not sound glamorous, but imagine it this way: people will be trying to get Feb. 14 off, and you can cover them. Now they owe you one! Not only will you have extra cash (to buy yourself something nice) but you will look great in your boss’ eyes and will have worked Valentine’s Day away.

So regardless if you are single on Valentine’s Day by choice or not, just remember that you don’t need anyone to have fun. You have you and countless activities to keep you occupied. And the best part is, chocolate is half-off after Valentine’s Day, so go crazy—I know I will!