Editor pick of the week: The Fear Asylum

October is my favorite month of the year for many reasons: boots, changing leaves, pumpkin spice lattes and warm fires. But most importantly, October means Halloween.

Sure, it’s fun to dress up and get candy for one day (though if you’re still knocking on doors to get that candy, we should probably have a talk). But the best parts of Halloween are the terrifying events and activities: scary movies, horror corn mazes and haunted houses.

If you’re a real scare-the-s***-out-of-yourself adrenaline junkie, then keep reading.

The Fear Asylum made me literally sprint toward the nearest exit. I almost peed my pants…twice. Take that as you wish, but hear me out: I love haunted houses. I look forward to them all year.

Even though the Fear Asylum was a TON of fun, there was a moment when I could feel my heart beating through my chest. Still don’t believe me? Check out their Facebook page, which has comments about full-grown men screaming and running away from monsters.

Before you even enter the pitch-black hallway that takes you into the horrifying building, you are greeted by a number of bloody nurses, rotting kid-zombies and friends. And, of course, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre lookalikes (yes, with a chainless chainsaw) are either hiding or actively chasing someone around the property.

I won’t give away much about the Asylum, but I will tell you that every room has a different theme, each more petrifying than the last.

But be warned—the line will be long! So take advantage of the low-cost snacks and drinks that are outside. While waiting in line, you can also check out the Coffin Cruisers—limo-like cars decorated with long coffins and other Halloween tricks.

One last tip: Watch your ankles. It’s dark in there.