Eighteen senators voted in

With no opposition for any senate candidate, no one was surprised when the Elections Committee announced all candidates were elected.

Seven seats remain vacant for the 2003-04 senate body, all of which will be appointed by newly-elected student body president, Amara Marino.

The ASPSU constitution was restructured last spring to include specific guidelines about the structure of the student senate for the 2003-04 school year with hopes that the changes would provide better representation for students.

Marino will also appoint one graduate student and two freshmen students next fall, as well as fill any remaining vacant senate seats.

As of Friday’s election, the senate is composed as follows:

Schools and Colleges
College of Urban and Public Affairs: Aaron O’Donnell
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: Kevin Truong
College of Fine and Performing Arts: Reina B. Abolofia
School of Business: Golden Ashby

SALP Clusters
Fine and Performing Arts: Joe Haber
Service/SOC: Jim Jackson
Recreation: Justin Myers
Political: Nathan Pawlicki

At-large Senators
Christy Harper
Jennifer Schmidt
Stacey Rustad
Elizabeth Joo
Alana Moore
Dan Mikhno
Adam Bailey
Matt Wallace
Rachel Searle
Sandie Johnston