EuroTrash is where it’s at

Portland is a town that’s known for putting a twist on things. We like our art funky, we like our people weird and we like our food a little more on the interesting side.

Portland is a town that’s known for putting a twist on things. We like our art funky, we like our people weird and we like our food a little more on the interesting side. So when it comes to Portland food carts, we can all rest assured that some places will be just out of the box enough to spark our interest and thrill our taste buds.

Just a block away from the famed Movie Madness, right in the heart of the Belmont and 43rd Avenue food cart pod, there shines the glorious beacon of turquoise stripes and hot pink bricks that houses the amazing EuroTrash! Serving up grub that collides the delicious cuisines of American and Mediterranean food, EuroTrash has an eclectic menu that can’t be found anywhere else.

Now I’ve been under the impression that food carts, while supremely tasty, aren’t exactly fancy-shmancy. But EuroTrash has gone and proved me wrong by providing Foie Gras to go! Who would have ever thought that one could find the delicacy of rare seared duck liver anywhere but a pricey restaurant? For being so trashy, this place has lots of underlying class.

When it comes to their food, everything is wonderfully unexpected. Move over run-of-the-mill fish and chips, because here comes EuroTrash Fishy Chips! Slender Spanish breaded anchovies are fried with sea salt and served with a squirt of lemon and some signature Trashy Sauce to create a crunchy snack that is totally unique.

Charles Thomas is the man behind the munchies, coming up with new treats to tempt your taste buds and challenge the norm.

“I just like to be weird and different—eclectic if you will, so I make sure my food represents that too,” Thomas said.

Thomas creates some uncommon good eats with the help of his foodie cohorts and is fairly eccentric himself.

“I’m originally from Tacoma, so I’m totally a trashy guy, and I got to live in Europe for a few years working as a chef as well,” Thomas said.

The chefs at EuroTrash may goof around a lot, but when it comes to the sure awesome power of their food, it’s no joke.

I dove mouth first into their Oregon Doner, and enjoyed a taste sensation that is nothing short of culinary genius. It starts with the glorious invention that’s known notoriously as the falafel-waffle, which gets piled high with hummus, feta cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, trashy sauce and even chicken if you’re in the mood. It’s hot and crispy, cool and crunchy, crumbly and creamy, and everything in between, all housed atop one of the best tasting waffle creations in town.

Their Piri Piri Chicken sandwich is equally decadent with spicy, succulent chicken, cheese, capers and some seriously boss horseradish slaw, finished off with bacon (and everything is better with bacon)! Those looking for something with kick can take on the wondrous Prawn Baguette with feisty curried prawns, cilantro slaw and slathered in a fragrant curry sauce. If you still have room in your gut after all the savory choices, EuroTrash joins forces with their friendly neighbor Fifty Licks to birth the glory that is the ice cream taco. It’s the most delicious love-child you could ever hope to eat and the perfect ending to any meal. 

“The motto of EuroTrash is ‘Here’s to feeling good all the time,'” Thomas said.

Feeling good is easy when you get to mack on some whack concoctions that will open your mind to a whole new world of food filled with insane flavor. ?