Portobello bison burgers with apple slaw

Hey summer, have you heard? Bison burgers are where it’s at. Leaner than your average chuck burger, bison meat has a rich and decadent flavor that perfectly complements delicious apple slaw and creamy chevre cheese. Pair with baked parmesan-garlic fries and you’ll be in for a truly gourmet dining experience

Super summery drinks

With the tropical heat wave Portland is currently experiencing, these delectable drink recipes are the perfect way to chill out. They are a great addition to backyard parties and warm summer nights.

Grilled shrimp salad

Summer has finally returned, with potluck parties and backyard gatherings in tow. Time to flex your culinary muscles and break out some delicious dishes to help the good cheer thrive. Bring this succulent grilled shrimp dish to your next get-together and thrill your friends with its bright and savory flavors.

Mandarin poppy seed chicken pitas

These delicious chicken pitas are the perfect sweet and crunchy lunch for springtime. Tangy mandarin oranges are complemented by salty roasted almonds and a special mix of herbs and spices.

Sweet red rhubarb cobbler

A recipe that would truly make your grandma proud, this delectable rhubarb cobbler will absolutely sell you on vegetable-based desserts. This dish is both cheap and easy, a student’s two favorite food-related words

Simmered summer tortilla soup

After what has felt like a thousand days of gray, the sunshine has finally returned to Portland. Summer break and graduation are just around the corner, and it’s time to whip out some of our favorite backyard party recipes.

Sloppy Jims

Sloppy Joes are a cornerstone food of school cafeterias around the world. Originally invented to help bulk up smaller rations of protein, Joes continue to be a fond memory from the schoolyard days. This recipe is a fresh new take on the classic meal.

Butternut squash pilaf

This hearty vegetarian dish is a deliciously spiced and inexpensive dinner. Butternut squash is low in fat, high in fiber and filled with potassium and B vitamins, making this one seriously heart-healthy recipe.

Crisp radicchio salad

College students don’t get nearly enough vegetables in their diets. When we’re cruising for quick-fix lunches we often fall for carb-heavy meals that make nap-time sound irresistible during class. Pre-make this crisp and vitamin-rich salad to give yourself an energy boost.

Perfect pear pancakes

Pear pancakes with maple syrup are a heavenly way to start your day. With just the right amount of griddled crispness and filled with rich, moist pear, you will fall head over heels for this meal, which is so sinfully good it makes for a swell breakfast and dessert.