Roasted cauliflower soup

After waddling around in the wet winter weather, the best way to treat yourself at the end of the day is a hot bowl of comfort food. This roasted cauliflower soup recipe is incredibly inexpensive to make and has a rich, satisfying, smoky flavor. Serve alongside your favorite crisp salad with a toasted wheat baguette for the perfect cold-day dinner.

Israeli couscous risotto

Risotto is a fickle friend in the pasta world. It can take an eternity to cook and has a temperamental texture that can be grainy or totally mushy when its ratios are wrong. That’s why Israeli couscous is a college kid’s secret weapon for consistently flawless mock-risotto.

Food resolutions for the new year

November and December are doubleheaders for gluttony. Between indulging in holiday hams, puddings and pies and a heaping dose of joyous drinking, it’s about time for some serious body recovery.

Hearty tomato bisque

Hearty tomato bisque

This scrumptious soup tastes like it came from a classy restaurant even though it’s really concocted from a can. If you’re looking for cheap eats that will still impress your guests, look no further: This savory tomato bisque has a gorgeous color and a taste that is rich and flavorful.

Naughty Santa

Perfectly paired holiday cocktails and cookies

If you want to be on the “nice list,” it’s a good idea to leave Santa his favorite snack of milk and cookies on Christmas Eve. If you’d rather join the cool kids on the naughty side— where they serve booze—try these delectable pairings of adult holiday beverages and delicious cookies.

Thanksgiving wontons and cranberry dip

Breathe life into your Thanksgiving leftovers

Thanksgiving leftovers make for the most boss second meals of all time. But if you tire of the same old plate-piled-with-turkey in the days following Thanksgiving, give this Asian-inspired twist a try. These wontons and cranberry dip are easy to make, and you can mess with variations depending on what you have left over.

Warm pumpkin gnocchi

Goodbye Halloween, hello Thanksgiving

Even though Halloween has come and gone, the delightful flavor of pumpkin is here to stay all winter long. Perfect for a Thanksgiving potluck or a quick gourmet meal at home, this pumpkin gnocchi recipe is a savory favorite among foodies. The subtle sweetness of the squash puree pairs wonderfully with the sharp parmesan and fragrant sage.

Carnivores vs. herbivores

Local hotspots for the best of both worlds | Portobello Vegan Trattoria
1125 SE Division St. Portobello Vegan Trattoria produces some of the most inventive food creations in all of Portland. Each incredible dish is bursting with flavors that honor the local and seasonal produce being used. It is the restaurant that could surely turn sworn meat eaters into full-on veggie worshipers. Between delicately crafted pizzas, warm buttery gnocchi and their famous peppered Portobello mushroom steak, customers can experience a menagerie of prime vegan eats. All of the items take a classical Italian approach and turn it on its head to generate unique aromas and flavors that will definitely land a place in your heart.

Food Carts you should heart

Savor Soup House Location: Southwest 10th Avenue and Alder Street Specialty: Tomato fennel orange soup Rainy days call for soup, and Savor has the very best of that. Every day of the week has its very own unique soup menu full of mind-blowing flavors. Savor’s healthy soups are velvety smooth and filled with vibrant ingredients. Many options are either vegan or gluten-free or both, and they sport splendid textures that will leave your taste buds craving more. Create your own sandwich from Savor’s grilled cheese bar, and you’ll have a crunchy and melty companion with which to soak up your remarkable soup.

Crisp sesame chicken salad

Reinvent your ramen noodles with class

Ramen has been a go-to college meal since the dawn of education. A cornerstone of all-night study sessions, this familiar square of dried noodles has helped many PSU students stave off starvation. But if you’re ready to take ramen to a whole new nutritional level, try it in this sesame chicken salad recipe.

Spooky juice and a hemorrhage shot

The perfect libations for a frightful night

Halloween presents the opportunity to relive childhood with the joys of dressing up, scaring ourselves senseless with horror flicks and munching on mountains of candy. This bloody punch recipe is a goofy treat that will please all your friendly ghouls. Filled with fruity eyeballs, this drink is delightfully creepy. It tastes wonderful on its own but can easily be made devilish with the addition of two ounces of vodka per tall serving glass.