Mama Mia!

Mama Mia Trattoria is a local favorite for authentic southern Italian cuisine. Now, with the addition of their new weekend brunch, they’re about to steal the show when it comes to breakfast, too.

Emerald pie

This pizza makes for some mean, green, delicious cuisine. It’s perfect for a pizza party with friends—just encourage your guests to bring their own dough and ingredients for a funky culinary adventure.

Top 5 late-night food carts

Chez Dodo 3441 N Vancouver Ave. Open Monday–Friday until 11 p.m. Chez Dodo is the Mississippi neighborhood’s diamond in the rough. This cart may be the winner for most successful…

Spicy orange tofu

Spicy orange tofu will clear your sinuses and treat your tongue to a great burn. This Asian-Mexican fusion dish is a sweet, satisfying and healthy meal that makes a wonderful dinner or to-go lunch.

Lemony linguine

Try this tasty spring recipe as an alternative to your traditional pasta and red sauce. This lemony linguine is easy to make, and it’s a perfect low-budget meal.

Thai curried soup

This spicy delight has the traditional flavors you love from Thai restaurants at a fraction of the price. Packed with a savory blend of spices and smooth, delicious lentils, this is the perfect soup for kicking a cold to the curb. Simplicity at its very best, you will love this sweet and sour soup recipe.

Arugula ravioli

This is a recipe for people who don’t feel particularly adventurous when it comes to cooking. Foolproof and scrumptious, this arugula ravioli will take your store-bought pasta from “meh” to “yum!”

Avocado eggs

Eggs and avocados were meant to be together; if they had evolved properly, every pit would be a yolk and it would save us a step of prep-work.

Super Bowl super snacks

Kick off game day the right way with this delicious recipe. Spend your Super Bowl eating tasty treats that won’t give you a grease-induced tummy ache. Baked zucchini fries have a satisfying bite without the added oil from frying.

Tomato tart

This tomato tart recipe is a protein- and vitamin-rich vegetarian entree that you will love. A savory tart makes for a beautiful dish that looks complicated to make but couldn’t be simpler. Create this dish with ease just by pouring and baking. Changing the ingredients to suit your personal preference is a great way to reinvent this recipe over and over again.