Events around the world June 21 – 26

June 21 Juma, a female rare jaguar was shot dead in Brazil, after the animal escaped from its handlers. Juma, being used as a prop for the Olympic Torch Ceremony, approached a soldier who then killed the large cat after it was tranquilized.

June 23 A tornado in China killed 98 people and injured more than 800 on Thursday. Rescue workers continued to clear out hazardous waste and chemicals that were exposed after the storm until Saturday.

June 24 A historic moment, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the government of Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos signed an agreement to ceasefire in Havana, Cuba, a historic moment.

June 26 More than 3,300 migrants were rescued by Italian ships in the Mediterranean over the weekend. People were rescued from 25 dinghies and one boat from the coast of Libya.

June 26 The expansion of the Panama Canal, a $50 billion project, opened on Sunday after 10 years of construction. Although the canal can now carry double the cargo, this two-year delayed project contains design flaws, and there are concerns about sufficient water and the timing in global shipping.