Anonymous 1


What are you going to be for Halloween?


A sexy beaver.


How – uh – how is the beaver gonna be sexy?


It’s a beaver costume with pink panties.


That doesn’t sound sexy.


It’s a sexy beaver.


Well – oh, thank you for the light there – why not be a fabulous beaver?


‘Cause I felt like bein’ a sexy beaver.


Are you gonna have big buck teeth?




Are you gonna have a lot of fur?




Are you a furry?


I am furry.


I mean are you a furry?


I am not a furry, no.


Why aren’t you a furry?


I guess uh – animal love just doesn’t get me going.


What do you think a furry is?


Someone who enjoys gettin’ it on with animals.


No that’s – that’s –


Oh, they’re the ones that dress up like animals and then get it on.


Yeah, okay – yeah – would you dress up in a furry costume as Corey Feldman?






I don’t really like the Coreys man; I’m not a Corey fan.


Do you know any Coreys that are nice?


Not really, I don’t really know any Coreys.


Have you seen any of their movies?


Yeah, their fall from greatness was so painful that it pains me to ponder them.


It pains me to ponder the Coreys as well.


They were just so much, man. They went from so much to so little. It was just so much.


Just like Halloween!




I don’t know what that means.


I don’t either, I’ll just agree with you just for the sake of agreement.


Could you say “Fabulous Halloween?”


Fabulous Halloween.


Could you do it again with feeling?


That’s about all the feeling I got for Halloween right now.


Would you be a furry Fred Savage?




Anonymous 2


What are you gonna be for Halloween?


I am going with a friend as floating jester hats.


Floating jester heads?


Hats. We’re wearing Jester hats around and we’re dressed in all black with black face paint.


That could be construed as racist.


That wasn’t the intention; we were just going to be kind of funny.


So you’re going to be invisible?




Are you gonna be ghost jesters or something?


Well, we’re also gonna have little toy sides, so we can be entertainers as well.


Oh, okay, that sounds nice. Do you think it’s nice?


I think it’s kind of amusing, I don’t know if it’s going to be particularly nice for those around.


Would you say it’s fabulous?


I think we had better ideas originally but we weren’t able to pull through with them.


What were the better ideas?


My friend was going to dress as the Spirit of Jazz-


Bible Study Girl: Hey guys, how are you?


We’re busy.


BSG: I just wanted you to know that we’re having a Bible Study in about 20 minutes if you guys wanted to come.


What are you being for Halloween?


BSG: Nothing. I don’t have plans for Halloween. What are you being for Halloween?


Me? Myself. I wanted to be Corey Feldman but it didn’t work out.


BSG: Who?


Corey Feldman.


BSG: Who’s that?


An Actor.


BSG: Oh – awesome – I was a butterfly over the weekend, so I guess I’d be a butterfly, but I’m not doing anything for Halloween – but if you’re interested –




BSG: -it’s just like a 20-minute Bible discussion. Okay?


Okay – alright. Would you be a Bible?


Probably not, but I’ve seen a pretty funny image on the internet of a Medieval knight, full armor, instead of a sword, he’s holding up a Bible, and the caption says “Bible Fight.”


Bible Fight?


It was pretty funny.


I guess so – if you say so – I’d have to see it for myself – well umm – can you say “Fabulous?”




Will you say “Fabulous Halloween?”


Fabulous Halloween.


Can you say it once more with feeling, so I can put it all upper-case with one of those things with the dot?


Exclamation point?


Yeah, that thing.


I’m not down with that.