Find that wig you’re hunting for at Newcon PDX swap meet

Who wants to freecycle his or her extra prized figurine out to the curbside for someone who just does not appreciate it as much as you? Instead, bring your posable Samus Aran to the Newcon PDX countdown event and swap meet on May 16, and trade it away to someone who will love it.

Swap meets are informal gatherings for people to buy, sell and trade various items, somewhat similar to a flea market. In this case, it is anime, manga, figurines, cosplay and anything else fandom-related you may own but do not have room for anymore.

The rules of the swap meet are simple. Bring a blanket, a lunch and stuff to trade. At this swap meet, money is not allowed, only trades.

Swap meets are common and popular at various comic-cons and large anime conventions, like Fanime.

Nikkie Mulholland, a staffer at Newcon PDX and hostess of the swap meet, attended her first swap meet at Fanime.

“Lots of people grow tired of the merchandise they have, and it is a great way to find a new home for it and get some stuff you use and like in exchange,” Mulholland said.

Newcon PDX is a local convention that caters to fandoms of all forms, including manga, anime, games, comics and more.

Isabella Guetter, a Newcon PDX attendee, has never attended a swap meet before but feels it is a wonderful idea.

“Cosplay is often very expensive and takes up a lot of room.” Guetter said, “With a swap meet, we are able to get rid of old costumes and props in exchange for things we may need or want in the future. It’s a great way to save money, meet new people and get new costumes.”

Jade Baker, a Newcon PDX attendee and costume designer, has never been to a swap meet and is not quite sure what to expect. She hopes to meet more people in the area at this event.

People often attend swap meets looking to get rid of certain items.

“I will be bringing a barely worn Ciel Phantomhive [from Black Butler] outfit, a barely worn lolita dress, a handmade Aranea Serket [from Homestuck] costume, a few wigs that have had little use and will be disinfected, and possibly a few little props and accessories that I have,” Guetter said.

Swap meet attendees look for certain items as well.

“I am always looking for more figurines and maybe some wigs and costume pieces for future plans,” Mulholland said.

This swap meet is hosted by Newcon PDX and is a countdown event to drum up interest for the convention, which will be held January 15–17 next year.

“I am hoping people can meet others in the area that share the same interest as them, clean out their closets and help spread the word of Newcon,” Mulholland said.