Get a jeg up on this warm weather

Maybe you wear jeggings. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you should.

I’d like to take a moment to talk about the wonders of the faux pants that are jeggings—you know, those stretch-infused leggings that are either a blend of denim fabric and spandex or simply all stretch all the time.

I’ll admit it. I was wary of jeggings for quite a long time until I was given a pair on Christmas Eve. That sounds more magical than the moment actually was, but it was love at first try-on. Let’s delve deeper into the art of wearing jeggings, shall we?

The nice thing about jeggings is that you don’t really have to pay attention to your body type to find the right pair for yourself. Skinny-fit stretch fabric is essentially all the same, minus the pattern. But we’ll get to that later.

The only things to ask yourself are, “Do I think skinny pants look good on me?” and, “Am I comfortable wearing these in public?” If the answers to those questions are yes and yes, then you’re well on your way to a beautiful jeggings journey.

Traditional or nontraditional

Next, you’ll have to decide if you’re looking for something more like traditional leggings (elastic waistband) or something more like jeans (functioning zippers and pockets).

There are pros and cons to each. One usually looks more like actual pants than the other, but as such doesn’t lend itself as easily to being worn under skirts, dresses or oversized shirts. The other comes with the danger of slippage—no belt loops means they might start to slide down. Choose wisely, or buy one of each to be safe.

It’s a jegging jungle out there

If you can, try to avoid the plastic-sheen shiny jeggings that are printed to look like denim (unless you like the idea of earning the nickname Barbie Butt), because it won’t fool anyone, and you won’t stand out in a good way.

Pick a pair of jeggings that will complement your outfit and not distract from it. It’s definitely possible to find a pair of elastic-waist jeggings printed to look like denim that aren’t obnoxious, so take your time. Patience is key.

Don’t forget that jeggings also come in other colors. Black jeggings in a denim-spandex blend are my personal favorite and are a great staple for anyone—they look like black jeans, but you won’t have the problem of black denim fading to gray after only a few washes.

Additionally, a pair of black jeggings that fit right (as in not too tight) can totally be worn for more of a professional outfit when paired with some flats and a nice blouse. The trick is to find ones that look more like nice-fitting slacks and less like the ill-fitting stretchy pants we all wore as children.

There are many other ways to style jeggings, so keep an open mind and open eyes—pay attention to how other people are wearing them, and try to incorporate some of those ideas into your own outfits.

Jeggings aren’t scary; make some room in your closet and embrace a pair this spring.