Going tribal

“22nd of June, 209 A.D., a crowd gathers…oh, they fucking love a good beheading!”


“22nd of June, 209 A.D., a crowd gathers…oh, they fucking love a good beheading!”

So begins “All Eyes on the Saint,” the third track off Enter Shikari’s newest album Tribalism. Per usual, this English quartet blends elements of post-hardcore heaviness with soundscapes inspired by trance, over which meaningful-yet-catchy-as-hell lyrics are sung—sometimes with hollering intensity and other times with dulcet harmony—bent by an always-cool, slightly slurring English accent.

Tribalism includes a few new tracks, several remixes and some live cuts. Think of it as a mid-album release to keep fans happy while awaiting the next full length.

“Saint” is one of the coolest tracks on the album, packing emotion and energy into its swings from hard rocking to soft descanting. The title track speaks of the need to vocalize our thoughts (“This time we’ll turn the speakers off / And we won’t stay silent / We’ll make as much noise as we can!“), and “Thumper,” the first single off the album, echoes that sentiment by encouraging action (“We’re sick of the same old story / Tonight the motionless must vacate / So we can accelerate out of a stagnant society”).

Enter Shikari knows how to inspire the imagination and their live set is an orgy of sound and fury not to be missed. They’re playing the Roseland Theater on April 28 alongside A Day to Remember and August Burns Red, so be sure to check them out. In the meantime, if you haven’t already, snag a copy of their first and second albums, Take to the Skies and Common Dreads.