Horoscopes for the week of 3/6


March 21-April 19
Humility is a trait that you need to cultivate within yourself. Don’t be afraid to embrace modesty, it won’t make you a doormat like you fear.

April 20-May 20
What random act of kindness have you performed this week? Think of ways to be good to someone. Not for a reward but because the universe runs on our goodness.

May 21-June 21
Either a paper or a research project is going to go south quickly, but your reaction will dictate the future successes of any of your projects. Are you a lemming or are you management material?

June 22-July 22
Be decadent this week. Whether you’re having an ice cream sandwich for breakfast or take a leisurely bubble bath, spoil yourself for there are challenges lying ahead.

July 23-August 22
Never forget that you are in control of your decisions and destiny. You have the opportunity this week to take charge and let others know that your spirit is yours alone.

August 23-September 22
While out shopping for a gift this week, try to shop local. Not only will it show tremendous thoughtfulness, you’ll be challenged to realize how much you know the person you’re gifting.

September 23-October 23
Don’t forget how important it is to stop for a moment and eat. Not only are you fueling your stomach and mind, taking that break to make food is actually just as good for your brain.

October 24-November 21
If you’ve been dating someone for awhile but are still hesitating to give it “a label”, this week is your chance to make that choice. Those without a relationship may meet an important someone.

November 22-December 21
When deciding on a career, major or internship, wonder what your inner child would think of the affair. After all, your inner child and your gut instinct are linked and they know you sometimes better than you want to admit.

December 22-January 19
Taking care of the earth is not just about recycling. If you’re presented with an opportunity to be part of a garden or food bank, take the risk because it will show you something you need to see.

January 20-February 18
If you’ve got group work this week, be aware of how your tone and your professionalism will dictate the success or failure of the project. You have the power to derail the whole thing.

February 19-March 20
So often history is written only by the winners and true diversity is rarely reached. Spend some time educating yourself on a blind spot you have and soon you’ll see why it was important to learn.