It doesn’t sock so bad!

There’s nothing worse than getting cold feet.

There’s nothing worse than getting cold feet. Whether figuratively or literally, when it comes to warming them up, most of us lack the style or creativity to move past the familiarity of our grey-toed Hanes. However, there is a way to put a stop to that rut. Several Portland-based sock companies are taking these under-appreciated essentials and turning them into fun works of art. Once you discover the potential socks have, there will be no going back!

Sock it to Me

Originally starting out as a tent at an outdoor market, Sock it to Me carries unbelievably fun prints that will be sure to put a smile on your face. It carries all kinds of styles with designs such as toast, 3D glasses, mustaches and even ninjas on them. Whatever your taste or craving, Sock it to Me will have something to cater to it. If you’re particularly picky and can manage not to find anything that piques your interest, or you’re a creative person with a design idea, then you’re in luck. It has a “design a sock contest” that allows avid sock wearers to submit their own original ideas for the newest print. It checks entries frequently, and if you win, you’ll receive $200 plus a pair of socks once they are produced. You can order its socks from the website or visit boutiques such as Say/Say and Naked City that carry its products.

Rock Socks

Dedicated to promoting the unsung undergarment, Rock Socks takes quirky statements usually found on T-shirts and translates that idea onto socks. It just came out with its first line in spring/summer of 2009. With statements like “Beer,” “Bacon” or “Obama” written down the side, these socks have been transformed from unsung to a conversation starter. You can even get green and white ones with “Portland” written down the side, which would be the perfect way to stay warm and show your school pride at the next football game. You can order these bright garments online, and Red Light Clothing Exchange also carries its products. Who doesn’t want a sock that says “Bacon”? I know that’s all many people think about all day, anyway.

Sock Dreams

8005 SE 13th Ave.

Open every day 11 a.m.–6 p.m.

Sock Dreams carries socks that go beyond just incorporating fun patterns into their merchandise. Their “Alligator Bite” socks by Foot Traffic are a genius reinterpretation of knitted footwear. Complete with textured bumps and beady yellow eyes, these cute creatures look like they’re devouring your leg when you slip them on. The tops even have little teeth to make them look like a mouth. Sock Dreams carry socks in all styles. From anklets, footies and half socks to midcalves, knee-highs, tights and even leg warmers, you will be able to find what you’re looking for. Other fun styles include “Ruby Slipper” socks by Foot Traffic, complete with grippy bottoms, and “Black Magic” socks that have the skeletal structure of a foot on top to make a statement. It also carries a variety of thick wool socks to keep you extra warm this season as well as holiday-specific styles. You can order online or visit its store, which carries some extra products that aren’t available on the website.

Whether you’re looking for a way to keep your feet warm this winter or you just want to spice up your sock drawer, there are plenty of inspiring options to choose from. There’s also something to keep in mind, although most of us don’t want to admit it—Christmas is coming in the not-so-distant future. Socks make a popular stocking stuffer, so why not buy your loved one a pair they’ll actually be excited to wear? With all these options, you can be sure to find a pair that will speak to their personality. ?