Jack on Jack

Jack White

Real name: John Anthony Gillis

Profession: rock star, actor

Hometown: Detroit

Body Mass Index (BMI): 31 kg/m2

Girlfriend: Ren퀌�e Zellweger

Band: The White Stripes

Band mate: Meg

Great lyric: Well you’re in your little room/

and you’re working on something good/

but if it’s really good/


you’re gonna need a bigger room

Brush with the law: beat up some dude

Police report: Stollsteimer, 25, told cops that an “enraged” White pulled him to the ground and punched him “on right eye approximately 7 times”

Latest film: “Cold Mountain”

Role: Civil War deserting banjo player plucks his way into farm girl’s (Rene’s) heart

Next up? : more film roles, paparazzi,

court date for 1st degree aggravated assault

One last quote: “It was totally not from an acting standpoint”- when asked how he got the part in “Cold Mountain”

Jack Black


Real name: Jack Black (a.k.a. Jables)

Profession: actor, rock star

Hometown: Hermosa Beach, CA

Body mass index (BMI): 54 kg/m2

Girlfriend: Laura Kightlinger

Band: Tenacious D

Band mate: Kyle

Great lyric: I am not one of you/

I come from an ancient time/

I am known as the kicker of Assholes/

I am also known as the angel crusher

Brush with the law: starred in commercial for classic Atari game, “Pitfall,” at age 13

Police report: “As a kid, Jack used to hide wires in his clothes and let them ‘accidentally’ fall out to make people think he was a robot.”

Latest film: “School of Rock”

Role: middle school music teacher takes “scrappy band of misfits” onto rock glory

Next up?: Golden Globes- nominated best comedic actor for “School of Rock,” special guest on “Celebrity Poker Premiere”

One last quote: “The movie Spinal Tap rocked my world. It’s for rock what The Sound of Music was for hills. They really nailed how dumb rock can be.”