Jackpot vs. the world!

Jackpot Records

203 S.W. 9th


3736 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd



What it is: Mostly independent music selection or whatever’s cool.

Employees: Mostly independent musicians doing whatever’s cool.

Bongs?: Yeah, right.

Locations: Two.

Prices: Reasonable.

Side note: Sells fire-flavored cinnamon toothpicks for 25 cents a pack. Jackpot is the best independent record store in Portland.

Everyday Music

1313 W. Burnside


1931 N.E. Sandy Blvd.


3290 S.W. Cedar Hills Blvd.


What it is: Damn near everything, but nothing you want.

Employees: Wish they worked at Jackpot. Keep any good stuff for themselves.

Bongs?: No, but they should.

Locations: Three.

Prices: Food stamps accepted.

Side note: This store will buy anything, even stolen karaoke CDs if you have the case. Everyday is the Goodwill of record stores.

Ozone Records & Ozone Records UK

701 E. Burnside



UK: 10 N.W. 10th Avenue



What it is: One great record store split into two not-as-great record stores. Good selection of independents and hard to find imports.

Employees: Probably argue that they work at the real Ozone.

Bongs?: Tons. It’s like a miniature headshop over on the east side. Don’t mention marijuana around the bongs. Ashcroft lurks.

Locations: Two.

Prices: Reasonable to expensive for the imports.

Side note: The original had a better selection, was more convenient, and had a crusty Nag Champa coziness to it. Pearl District developers drove them out by raising the rent or something.

Music Millennium

3158 E. Burnside


801 N.W. 23rd



What it is: Fancy-pants Pacific Northwesterny record store for the over-thirty demographic.

Employees: See above.

Bongs?: Excuse me?

Locations: Two.

Prices: Pony up.

Side note: The store on 23rd has velvet thrown about for effect and fancy skylights. The S.E. store feels like a modern hippy cabin inside. They’ve captured the essence of each neighborhood, I suppose.