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Rosie equates lying with cancer

Could it be true that the Queen of Nice ain’t so nice after all? In the latest salvos during Manhattan’s trial du jour, the head of marketing at Rosie magazine said Rosie O’Donnell taunted her by saying that people who lie “get sick and they get cancer.”

Cindy Spengler, who has battled breast cancer, said O’Donnell made the remark after a meeting to discuss the magazine’s problems. Spengler said O’Donnell told her that her silence in the meeting was tantamount to lying. A tearful Spengler testified that she told O’Donnell: “Your mother died of breast cancer. Was she lying?”

“Yes,” Spengler quoted the entertainer’s replying.

Outside, where O’Donnell has been staging a public relations trial in the court of public opinion, the comedian said she called Spengler the next morning and apologized. Rosie’s admission – the first time she has acknowledged being callous – came on the fourth day of another trial -in which O’Donnell and publisher Gruner & Jahr USA are suing each other for breach of contract.


“Summer of ’69” with Diana?

The Windsors may have a new royal headache on their hands: Bryan Adams’ ex-girlfriend claims that the has-been rocker had an affair with Princess Diana.

Cecilie Thomsen, 29, a Danish actress best known for bedding Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond in “Tomorrow Never Dies,” tells the Brit tab Daily Mail that Adams and Diana became lovers in `96, after Diana separated from Prince Charles.

Adams, who penned the ode “Diana” in `85 (with such sophisticated lines as “Diana whatcha doin’ with a guy like him”), has issued a nondenial denial: “Miss Thomsen doesn’t know anything about my friendship with Diana. … These reports (are) pure conjecture and supposition.”

We thought the princess had better taste in music.

Mobb Deep goes up in smoke

In a scene out of a Cheech and Chong movie, members of the hard-core rap group Mobb Deep are facing drug and gun charges after cops in Upstate New York smelled a cloud of ganja smoke coming from their vans, says the New York Daily News. The band’s frontman Prodigy (Albert Johnson) was charged with possessing a loaded .25-caliber pistol. Police also found a second gun and a bag of crack cocaine inside the van, and arrested rapper Jamal Abduiraheem and seven members of Mobb Deep’s entourage.

Author of “Sex” upgrades to children’s books

The man’s barely had time to welcome his son into the world. Now David Letterman is about to be besieged by children’s book author Madonna, the Spiritual Mom, who’ll appear on CBS’s “Late Show” on Tuesday to do a show-and-tell with her second kids book, “Mr. Peabody’s Apples.” Maybe she’ll give Dave advice on the best nannies and wet nurses money can buy.

Making country music isn’t their only crime

Surreal goings-on with married country singers Lorrie Morgan and Sammy Kershaw, who seem to be living up to their duet, “Maybe Not Tonight.” In separate complaints filed with Nashville police, the couple are accusing each other of domestic assault.

Morgan, 44, reported Monday that she was assaulted by her husband during an argument in March – March? – and claimed that Kershaw, 45, yelled and poked his finger into the chest of her 16-year-old son.

When the police showed up at their house on Monday, Morgan told them she would not pursue criminal charges. But they were told by Kershaw that Morgan had pushed him in the face during an argument on Sunday. He filed an order of protection against Morgan on Tuesday.

With us so far? The matter will be decided in court in 15 days.