Just do something

The Peter W. Stott Center is a convenient and affordable fitness option that is located right on Portland State’s campus. An array of fitness and exercise options are available at the Stott Center. Best of all it doesn’t matter if you are simply trying to get into shape or are a world class athlete that is training for a race, game or match. All that matters it that you want to workout and get fit.

For students that just want to get a causal workout the Stott Center provides services for everything from weightlifting, racquetball, and swimming to cardio training. Also, these services are very affordable because students, alumni and faculty can utilize all of these amenities for the best price: free.

“I usually use the Stott Center just about everyday except for Sundays,” PSU student and soccer player Laura Ellison said. “When I come in I normally use the weightlifting room, training room for treatment, the locker room, the circuit room for the treadmills and bikes and sometimes the track.”

Throughout the day,P.E. classes and athletic teams use the Stott Center for their respective purposes. Therefore there are certain times when the Stott Center has fewer people occupying it, which will open up more opportunities and generate additional room to workout. So keep this in mind when coming to exercise at the Stott Center.

“In the morning or evening students can usually get some exercise done for free because not as many activities are going on,” said Campus Recreation coordinator Alex Accetta.

A fresh new program is being offered through Portland State Campus Rec, Group X Fitness and Personal Training. Group X provides an assortment of 50-minute activities that are led by certified instructors. These activities are extremely accessible because they conform to the grueling schedule of any college student due to the rates being on a session-to-session basis. Also keep in mind that the initial session is free of charge.

“Group X offers an affordable option for fitness classes,” Accetta said. “Students can come in on their own schedule and it is also a great alternative to paying for a credited class.”

Athletes that want get involved in a team sports may want to try the intramural sports offered in the Stott Center. Several sports like basketball, soccer, volleyball and badminton are currently being offered and many more will be available during the spring. Intramural sports allow students to participate in activities that wouldn’t be possible alone or with a few friends because it brings together many people that are passionate about the sports and just want to play.

Portland State students also have the option to join one of the compelling 32 club sports that currently exist. Many of these sports are particularly obscure and would be found in few other facilities, for example, medieval combat or kung fu. There are really some very interesting and exciting club sports options, and one may be perfect just for you.

With such a great variety of activities and equipment provided at the Stott Center no one can go wrong. Take a chance, find a new sport and have some fun working out and getting healthy.

For any information regarding the Stott Center, club sports, intramural sports or the Group X program visit the Campus Rec website at www.campusrec.pdx.edu. This site will provide schedules for the Stott Center and intramural sports, and also give information about upcoming Group X sessions.