KPSU holds annual pledge drive

As students at Portland State University, we are confronted on a daily basis with requests for “cigarettes,” “a quarter,” and the most offensive of all, “spange.” If you are wondering what spange is, it is the laziest way in the world to ask someone for some spare change. The newest in a long line of panhandler phrases, spange takes the words “spare” and “change” and melds them together in order to ask for money in the most lethargic manner imaginable.

If you can’t even take the time to complete the sentence needed to request my money, don’t ask.

KPSU is not asking for spange this week for its annual pledge drive, no way.

The kind people at our very own college radio station will speak clearly and directly when asking that you pitch in a few bucks to keep them on the air.

All this week, students and faculty can lend a helping hand to KPSU by donating as much money as they can for the cause.

If you are interested in learning more about KPSU, stop by the station in the sub-basement of Smith Memorial Student Union or tune in to the Vanguard tomorrow for a full story on everybody’s favorite radio station, KPSU.