In the US, a culture of violence

The annual Pickathon Music Festival, which takes place at Pendarvis Farm in Happy Valley just southeast of Portland, has always prided itself on its diverse and unique musical collaborations.

From violence, voices emerge

Reported cases of violence against women at Portland State have increased during the last year. In the second installment in a three-part series, three different women on campus describe their experiences either witnessing others suffer physical or sexual violence or suffering it themselves.

CPSO talks security as reports of violence against women spike

In recent months, media coverage of sexual assault toward women at Portland State has been on the rise. From incidents of inappropriate sexual touching earlier this year to two recent cases of physical harassment and assault in campus elevators, many wonder whether violence toward women on campus is increasing.

College Republicans under fire

During the past few weeks, Portland State’s College Republicans student group has found itself at the center of a proverbial storm, freshly igniting time-tested debates about free speech at the university.

Chiron Studies funding denied

Provost Sona Andrews announced that Chiron Studies will not receive renewed funding from the Office of Academic Affairs. The program, which for more than half a century has allowed students to design and teach for-credit classes, was funded until June 2012, when former Provost Roy Koch discontinued it. Since then, supporters of Chiron Studies have lobbied Portland State’s administration to reinstate funding.

PSU closes Salem Extended Campus Program

After a two-year review process, Portland State’s Extended Campus Program in Salem has ended. The Salem site, established about 15 years ago, was the only physical extension of the PSU campus outside Portland. The program offered degrees in social sciences and liberal arts.

Chiron Studies funding remains unclear

The future of Chiron Studies remains uncertain. After a meeting last week with Portland State administration, Chiron Studies Director Rozzell Medina said that a decision on program funding had not been re

Healing trauma with conversation

A middle-aged Holocaust survivor gazes distantly at the camera as she recalls being herded into cattle trains and then, without realizing what she was doing, handing over her baby to Nazi officers. But at the time, she only experienced handing over a “bundle,” not a baby.

Chiron supporters push for funding

After an unexpected blow from Portland State administration last year that cut off funding, Chiron Studies is poised to regain support, said coordinators of the long-standing program that allows students to design and teach for-credit courses.

Fluoride debate simmers

Portland remains the largest city in the nation that does not add fluoride to its drinking water. But, next month, a water fluoridation measure will appear on the ballot, giving Portland voters the chance to accept or reject the City Council’s unanimously approved fluoridation plan.