KPSU Weekly Missive: April 29

AMP KPSU wrap-up
Dillon Sage
KPSU Promotions Assistant

Did you drink Lagunitas brewskis at the Pony Club? Sprain a thumb during free play at Ground Kontrol? Knock one back at The Knockback? Get mindblown by Magic Fades & Phone Call’s sets at Holocene? Kruise the night away with Magic Mouth and Orchestra Pacifico Tropical?

AMP KPSU rocked Portland for over two weeks and was a smashing success on all counts. Our events were covered by the Willamette Week and the Portland Mercury several times and hundreds of Portland residents participated in one of our most successful pledge drives to date.

The spirit of this year’s pledge drive lives on, though. We’re still looking for supporters, business partners, and most of all more student DJs to help continue to make KPSU one of the fastest growing college stations on the West Coast.

Look for more KPSU happenings in May: We’re co-presenting another buzz-worthy show at Holocene with Morning Ritual and will also look to do a comedy event at the Hollywood Theater, as well as another KPSU social hour at Valentine’s.

More than that, though, will continue to be the place for you to stream awesome content from our DJs and find out more about what’s cool to do in the Rose City.