KPSU Weekly Missive: May 20

Blake Hickman
Assistant Promotions Director

After three long years, KPSU Technical Director Tobin Tanner finally made our dream of being able to broadcast all over the city a reality.

“I am so stoked on this Blake,” Tanner nodded confidently. “I mean, really.”

This past Wednesday at Holocene, KPSU co-presented a killer bill with Morning Ritual, Rio Grands and Mojave Bird (which, holy smokes, people were talking about). We’ve presented dope shows (’cause we’re all stars now) in the past, but this one was different. This one was broadcast all over the world on

KPSU Promotions Director Gabe Granach arrived early because he knew this was important.

“I’m like Jordan, Blake,” Granach paused. “Only more clutch.”
Gabe got things working just right as I strolled down to the studio. I raised the fader on the broadcast booth (and labeled it “MBU” clearly, so as not to confuse people that we might have an alternate stream of Loveless going 24/7 titled “MBV”) and it sounded great. Once the bands started going, it sounded even better.

“I couldn’t believe how good it sounded, Blake,” KPSU Station Manager Keegan Meyer stated. “I was astounded, amazed, apoplectic, downright astonished, even.”

After wiping beads of sweat from his brow, Meyer continued, “I called everyone I know interpersonally and let them know that we were broadcasting from outside the sub-basement for the first time.”

KPSU’s remote broadcast mojo will work tirelessly to bring you, the residents of Portland, live shows, live DJ sets and more, each and every month. In fact, come see us at Valentines (232 S.W. Ankeny St.) on May 31 for the next KPSU Social Hour, and we’ll be broadcasting sets live from there. It’s 21 and over, so only show up if you’re ready, willing and able to buy the best Gin Rickey in town.