Letter to the Editor

Mr. Dan Duval,

I read your article about Al Letson Jr. this morning and wasshocked at what I read.

Your criticism of this poet is unfounded and juvenile. My firstquestion to you is, why would you write a review of a performancethat you have never seen, and the day before it takes place?

Another question that I have for you is, as a journalist, how inthe world can you not even talk to the sponsors of the event or theperformer whom you are reviewing? Had you actually acted as aresponsible journalist you would have found out that those who youlisted as sponsors of the event had absolutely nothing to do withit, and you might have gotten a quote from Al Letson himselfinstead of just pulling one off his website. To make such flammablestatements is ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, it is completelyvalid to dislike Al Letson and his poetry, or even that style ofspoken word as a whole. But to not even give it the chance ispreposterous. Had you actually taken the time out of your day tocome and listen to this amazing poet then you might be singing adifferent tune. But to make such comments without even attemptingto experience the art which you are critiquing is nothing more thanmeaningless and badly written, negatively (and hopefully notprejudicially) fueled dribble that in no way shape or form shouldhave been allowed to be printed.


Aaleeya U. Spence


International Studies/Intercultural Communication