Letter to the editor: On waving Confederate flags on campus

I am a PSU student and as I was walking to class on July 6, I saw three older people walking through campus and down the Portland Park Blocks waving Confederate flags.

I understand the importance of freedom of expression, but as a PSU student and Portland resident, I felt threatened, uncomfortable and unwanted.

In light of the recent Charleston massacre and the history of racism, slavery and oppression in the United States, the Confederate flag is viewed, even in South Carolina where the massacre took place, as a symbol of hate, repression and bigotry.

Should this symbol be waved in any city or on any campus that seeks to be welcoming and diverse? I believe symbolism should be limited when it becomes threatening.

Here is a picture I took of the three people as they passed over Southwest Clay Street, away from campus and into the Park Blocks.

Anna Wolfston