Learn from their mistakes!


Monique Petersen is right on the money when it comes to Measure 48, your version of our TABOR [“Sold a bill of goods, not rights,” Oct. 3].

Choose any combination of services in Colorado – K-12, public health, higher education, roads and bridges, county sheriffs, libraries, parks and recreation – the damage has been wide and deep. Do you want chunks of concrete from bridges falling on your cars? Half-hour law enforcement response times? Wholly inadequate immunizations for your kids? Your universities on accreditation watch? Drastic cuts in help for disabled kids? Streetlights turned off at night? These are just a small sampling of what you’ll buy with “son of TABOR” Measure 48.

Don’t be fooled by talk of a “rainy day fund” as if this corrects the basic flaws in TABOR – it is the growth formula that’ll drive a stake in basic services, just as it has done here.

Don’t follow Colorado down this bleak path.


Jim Zelenski

College instructor

Lakewood, Colo.



Not doing their duty


“SFC violates its guidelines and pays ineligible members” would have been a more appropriate title for this article [“SFC grants pay for members who were away,” Oct. 3]. Just read these sections from Article I, Authority and Responsibility:

14. Non-fulfillment of job duties includes any of the following:

a. Three unexcused absences from scheduled and/or assigned SFC and ASPSU meetings in accordance with the procedures as stated in these guidelines;

b. Failure to attend more than 50 percent of scheduled SFC meetings, regardless of excused or unexcused absence, within one term;

c. Failure to attend 75 percent of scheduled training sessions; or

d. Failure to complete assigned liaison responsibilities.

15. The SFC chair will notify the Judicial Board of cases of non-fulfillment of duties. Vacancies will be declared as specified in Article VIII, Section 7 of the Constitution.

16. Failure to comply with the requirements set forth in Article I will result in removal from the SFC and loss of stipend.

It’s impossible to attend 50 percent of meetings and 75 percent of training sessions when you’re not even in the state. The chair also failed to do her job by failing to report these members to the Judicial Board for removal.


Ray Turner

Fee-paying student