Measure 48 will save us all!


It’s hard to understand where your writers get some of their statements [“Off with her head!”, 10/13/06]. While this is an opinion piece, opinions ought to be based in fact. I am researching Measure 48, and have yet to find where in the measure it says it will "devastate" government, or defund "first responders." The measure increases government funding. In addition, students and their families should support Measure 48 because – as was reported earlier in your paper – it is more likely to lead to tuition decreases. It’s no wonder your writer here uses a pseudonym.


John Fairplay




Keep parents involved


I absolutely support measure 43 [“43 requires written notice to parents before abortion,” 10/13/06]. Parents should be notified about what is happening with their children. How else are parents supposed to support their children through difficult choices if the government allows what their child does to be kept a secret? Nancy Bennett suggested that "there are other reliable means of support and counseling for pregnant teens through organizations like Outside In." This attitude suggests that children should go to anyone rather than their family for support. Teens hear us telling them you don’t have to share your abortion with your parents; they might not understand your choice and our teens choose not to share what’s going on with their parents. Passing measure 43 will send a message to teens that they are legally protected, but they should communicate with their family.


Elisabeth McMillon


Portland, OR