ASPSU outlines new budget

On Wednesday the Associated Students of Portland State University met to discuss the initial draft of the student government’s budget for the fiscal year 2013–14.

Campus locks down for break

From Dec. 22 to New Year’s Day, almost every Portland State building was locked and closed—save residence halls, where some students spent their winter breaks.

Broadway Coffee soon to be Thai bar

Students hoping to grab a cup of joe at Broadway Coffee are in for a surprise. Instead of a bustling coffee shop, they will now be met by brown paper covering the front door and window.

Occupy: Where are they now?

Portland activists reorganize

It’s been more than a year since the Occupy camp in Portland was dismantled. Where are the “Occupiers” now?

Despite the movement’s retreat from public view, activists said they have been working hard to reorganize and say they have no intention of quitting.

Aging institute reaches out

Data shows increase in Portland’s elderly population

Portland is known to many as the place where young people go to retire, but spikes in the city’s elderly population may soon boost its reputation as the place where old people go to retire, too.

Fritz wins big

Incumbent takes 57 percent of vote

Moments after the polls closed on election night, it was clear that incumbent City Commissioner Amanda Fritz would remain in office.

Malkin fires up PSU republicans

Blogger rallies voters days before the election

Portland’s political minority—conservatives and libertarians alike—found camaraderie on Friday when they welcomed a prominent right-wing media voice to Portland State.