OSA critical to solid representation
I think getting rid of the Oregon Student Association (OSA) Campus Organizer is a really bad idea ("ASPSU budget: What’s in a name?" 11/30/04). Because students at PSU choose to be a part of OSA, their voices are heard in Salem on a number of issues they care about from Higher Ed funding to access for students of color.

Thanks to the OSA Campus Organizer, students are able to learn about grassroots organizing through an internship for course credit and connect what they do on campus to action in the state legislature. Funding this position anyway that isn’t through OSA takes away PSU students’ power in the state legislature as well as a meaningful internship and education.

Reina Abolofia
NJPIRG Campus Organizer

Second Amendment rocks!
[Jason Germany], you sir, are a Brady plant. You support the Second Amendment? Your own words betray you. The so-called assault weapons ban was nothing more than liberal smoke and mirrors.

Maybe you should read the National Firearms Act passed in the ’30s and the add-on passed in the ’80s banning full-auto AK and Uzi firearms before you try to pass yourself off as a Second Amendment supporter. Everything you have stated is straight out of a Brady handout. To give you credit though, you’re bound to get an "A" in your school poly-science writing class.

Eldon Eddy

A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Without the Second there would be no First!!!

What part don’t you understand? Nowhere does it mention anything addressed about any gun law!!!

Danny Barnes
Pasadena, Texas

Alternatives for PSU
I have some suggestions:

1. Allow students to choose PSU-produced ID cards instead of dangerous debit cards.

2. Instead of squandering $7 million on bring a trolley with delusions of grandeur (MAX) to campus to make traffic even worse, hire more people to process financial aid and use any left over money for more aid. (I drive my 19-year-old car to PSU because I cannot afford to live in an area served by public transit.)

3. Since the reason for building the new pseudo-rec-center is that Stott Center is no longer adequate, tear down Stott Center instead of PCAT to obtain a site. I say pseudo-rec-center because it will only cater to PE fans and not provide recreation for the rest of us — no potter’s wheels and kilns, printing presses, looms, darkrooms, greenhouses, gardens, linux machines etc.

Marie K. Heydt

Solution to election problems
With the concern over American voter fraud, the red tape hi-jinx, and costly legalities to get to the truth of the recent presidential election, I had this thought: What if we each spent thirty-seven cents and mailed a note to the White House affirming how we voted. It would make quite a tidal wave, don’t you think?

Elaine Loving
Hillsboro, Ore.