Representing the screamers[In response to “Two-year tentative contract reached for faculty,” July 16.] It’s notable that as the only OUS school with a union we are consistently the lowest paid of the top three universities and we always end up squeezing out our pitiful raises after much screaming and kicking. The union’s insistence on removing merit pay from the table illustrates which constituency they represent.


One student’s thoughtI know that not everyone got what they wanted but this is good news for everyone [in response to “Two-year tentative contract reached for faculty,” July 16]. I look forward to going back to school in September without the threat of strike hanging over everyone’s head.


A Glanville criticThere is obviously a story between Smith and Thompson that no one knows except them and Glanville, but until that surfaces it is all speculation right now [in response to “Eight players lose scholarships,” July 16]. Kicking someone off the team for housing issues is not justified at all. This is why this is such a big issue in Portland right now, because all the reasons that are going around are not justified.

And for the record, Glanville did make cuts last year, no one heard about it because no one cared. Glanville cut all the people that were either injured or hurt with an exception of Aaron Dickson. Ashton Lee got his scholarship taken in the same way and their reason for it was because he didn’t rehab in the training room to get himself better and that he did get permission to practice and chose not to. But, in fact, Ashton had the paperwork that proved there was no way he could practice and that he was in the training room two or three times a day. After he showed them this proof they said he could get his scholarship back but he said no because it was a slap in the face.

Glanville is a great coach, don’t get me wrong, but he could have handled these situations a little better. And now they are finally surfacing to the public. So who is really at fault now?