ASPSU committed to change
We appreciate the feedback on our decisions for the executive staff for 2005-2006. However, we would like an opportunity to address some concerns regarding those decisions.

First of all, we feel very strongly and very proud of the staff we’ve assembled. We hired people who we felt will help us achieve the campaign goals that we ran on. At the same time, all of our directors bring experience and diversity to the office.

The people we’ve hired all support and will work towards our progressive vision for PSU. The fact that we’ve hired people from our campaign, from our opposition’s campaign, and people not involved in the elections is indicative of our goal of an ASPSU that is rightfully representative. We desire to truly make ASPSU representative, and this is the first step. To do otherwise would have been antithetical to our mission as elected officials.

In closing, we ran because we wanted an ASPSU we could be proud of, and that could address the concerns of students and win campaigns for students. We were elected to represent and fight for the 24,000 students at PSU. We are proud of our staff and have the utmost confidence that we will accomplish the goals that got us elected.

Erin Devaney and Molly Woon
ASPSU President and Vice President

Appointments disappoint
Are these really the “Progressive” student leaders that we elected [“Student government chooses new staff,” May 17]? Why are they hiring members of the Campus Republicans, Amanda Marie Newberg and Cameron Turner?

This is the group that played dirty and tried to screw them? We’ve tasted this group and we spit them out!

Why are our “Progressive” student leaders appointing people who lost in the election? Do they not trust the students to make choices? Students clearly did not want Wafa Ghnaim-Alston on the Student Fee Committee.

Goodbye progressive ideals, goodbye student voice. This is an outrage!

Mo Writer

Martin a good hire
Carol [Martin] was the advisor to the group I was in when I attended PSU [“Fired adviser accepts new job at PSU,” May 17]. She was overall the most caring and genuine person I got the chance to work with, and I’d fight till I’m blue in the face to defend her.

Just because a few students didn’t agree with Carol’s opinions doesn’t mean she didn’t change lives, as I know she did mine. Above anything else, she was loved by the groups she worked with and admired by them as a leader.

I wish the university would hire more people like Carol Martin.

Reina Abolofia
West Hollywood, Calif.

ASPSU needs to mend fences with multicultural groups
I think that it is important to make a correction about the duties of Mayela Herrera [“Student government chooses new staff,” May 17]. When it says “moderate conflict between multicultural groups” a very key part is left out. The conflict hasn’t been between multicultural groups, it has been due to an ASPSU member with a long tradition of discrimination against people of minority ethnic backgrounds. It’s very important to note that ASPSU has a lot to overcome. The last three presidents have left a very tarnished past.

Adas Lis