No on 36 supporters hurt own cause

If Portland State University desires to be open-minded, liberal, inclusive, tolerant and progressive, it must offer the same courtesy and intellectual platform to supporters of historic marriage and family as it does to those who wish to change them.

The actions of PSU students opposed to Measure 36 (“Blocking Measure 36,” 10-7-04), made these students appear to be opposed to a diversity of viewpoints being expressed at the university, restrictive of free thinking, repressive of free speech and lacking basic civility. Thank you for doing all you can to promote a balanced and open expression of thought at PSU.

George Bradley

Palestinians to blame

Islamic fundamentalists are butchering people all over the world and the only place where people fight back, Israel, must be evil to do so (“Israel ignored,” 10-8-04). How sad not to recognize that the Palestinians not only are part of the Islamic barbarism, they are the founders of it.

Larry Rockind

Attacks on Measure 36 miss mark

They say that when reason fails, make up for it with volume (“Eight lies about Measure 36,” 10-8-04). For all the “lies” you accuse DOMC of propagating, you offer precious little concrete evidence to the contrary. Moreover, your use of ad hominem attacks is completely unnecessary and only undermines your platform.

Brad Wheeler

Queers & Allies wasn’t as portrayed

I am very disappointed not only with the Vanguard, but also with Morgan and Mary. This is a horrible practice of journalism by you not attempting to get a hold of the former co-coordinators regarding these allegations (“Queers still here,” 10-8-04).

Also, I am very angry with Morgan and Mary that they had the nerve to slander the former members and co-coordinators. Women weren’t included? Apparently I missed something because Lynette is a bisexual woman. Also, the group is made up of the members and if the members don’t show up, then they won’t be heard.

Jimmy Yohe