Longtime lobbyist for PSU suffered stroke last week

    Deborah Murdock, assistant to the president for government relations, had a stroke last week. Portland State President Daniel Bernstine said he has not spoken to Murdock about when she will return.

    ”Debbie is being extraordinarily private about this,” said Amy Ross, executive assistant to the president. “I know that she is grateful for everyone’s good wishes.”

    As a lobbyist to the state Legislature for PSU, Murdock’s absence from the office has left her high-level position vacant for an unspecified amount of time.

    With the new legislative session for the 2007-09 biennium coming in January, and the experienced PSU lobbyist Murdock out of the office, the outcome of the legislative session for PSU is uncertain.

    Bernstine said there have been no definitive plans about filling Murdock’s position during her absence, but until they do, her duties will be spread among the rest of her co-workers.

    All of Murdock’s calls will be forwarded to Ross during Murdock’s absence.