Looking to the past

My top 10 is a set of songs that were the soundtrack to this short period of my life that was 2004. I’m always discovering new music, but most of it is new to me but not new to the world. These songs are significant to the year 2004 only because they were significant to me.

1. We All Together, "Bluebird" – I can’t say I’m a fan of Wings, but when I heard this Peruvian group’s cover of this song, I just about ralphed up my heart, and it would’ve tasted so sweet I’d have eaten back up again.

2. Fela Kuti, "Water No Get Enemy" – More honest and pissed off than some anarcho-punk poseur band, and what’s more you can dance to it.

3. Love, "Singing Cowboy" – "Singing Cowboy" is the favorite of the Four Sail album. It’s a great inspirational tune with a tambourine sound that’ll shake you to pieces, and Hendrix is even rumored to be the session player on it.

4. The Tics "TV’s On" – A tonal bass + four schizophrenic lines repeated over and over/four different voices = punk rock loveliness.

5. Second Hand, "The World Will End Yesterday" – I found this on a mix CD a friend made. I saw the title on the track list, and I knew it was too far out for me to pass up. Dig it!

6. Public Nuisance, "Gotta Survive" – Whenever I turn this on I feel like doing an interpretive dance.

7. Devo, "Come Back Jonee" – Yes! There are other Devo songs besides "Whip It!" Get hep to ’em, please!

8. Kevin Ayers, "Song For Insane Times" – Ayers left the Soft Machine and made Joy of a Toy, the first of many works of a genius that could probably finagle the panties off of a nun. The man is one suave bastard, and this song proves it.

9. Geza X, "Isotope Soap" – Geza (pronounced Gai-za) X was involved in the production of many great punk rock acts. It’s unfortunate he didn’t do more of his own thing. Synths and xylophones go together like P and J.

10. Can, "Father Cannot Yell" – I love Can; who can’t? This was a band that even when bad they were still good and, when good, just too fuckin’ outta sight!