Lovin’ and listenin’

Wednesday, June 29

Ape Shape, Narwhal, Dykeritz
Berbati’s Pan, 321 S.W. Third Ave.
$4, 21+
Anyone who heard Dykeritz on KPRA last Sunday will attest to the genius of these up-and-comers. United with pop beauties Narwhal, this show could represent Portland’s next batch of superstars. This time you can say you saw them first.

Thursday, June 30

The Prids, Green Circles, Protest Hill, Andrew Jackson Jihad
Berbati’s Pan, 321 S.W. Third Ave.
$6, 21+

The Prids constantly amaze me. They do creepy goth-tinged rock with complete earnest without causing giggle fits. They’re always on tour and yet never get the P-town love they deserve. Well, I love them and I am not afraid to admit it.

Friday, July 1

The Kingdom, Point Juncture, WA, Invisible
Doug Fir, 830 E. Burnside St.
$7, 21+
If you don’t know these bands then you don’t know Portland pop. I could gush and gush about Chuck from the Kingdom, or oh-so Dapper Jesse from Point Juncture, WA but instead I’m asking you to go see them so we can share their brilliance without sullying it with words.

Saturday, July 2

Pink Swords, Muddy River Nightmare Band
Sabalas, 4811 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd.
I can’t say much for the uninspired Muddy River Nightmare Band, but Pink Swords fucking rule. Nice and thrashy and worth suffering the tedious radio southern ‘rawk’ phoniness of MRNB.

Sunday, July 3

Get Hustle, Scout Niblett, Afirampo, Cj Boyd
Berbati’s Pan, 321 S.W. Third Ave.
$8, 21+
Oh, I love Get Hustle! Love, love, love them. Scout Niblett’s folky psychedelica blew my mind on her last visit. This show will be sublime.

Monday, July 4

You shouldn’t be rocking; you should be godblessing America like the rest of us. So gas up the Subaru Brat, buy some Molson, hit the Res for fireworks and let’s go hit on some high school girls. Yee-Haw!