Mack appointed to new vice provost spot

Portland State Interim Dean of the Graduate School of Education Carol Mack was selected as vice provost for Academic Administration and Planning, filling a position former PSU administrator Mike Driscoll left in May.

Mack’s role as vice provost will be slightly different from the position Driscoll held. The name has been changed from vice provost of Personnel and Budget to vice provost of Academic Administration and Planning, and a greater importance will be placed on planning, according to administrators. The duties in the position will largely remain the same.

The main responsibilities of the position include working with the provost to establish academic priorities, working with Human Resources to develop academic personnel policies and procedures, and helping to develop the annual budget for the institution.

Mack, who came to PSU in 1986, became chair of the department of curriculum and instruction and associate professor in 1992.

Driscoll left the university in May after accepting the position of provost at the University of Alaska Anchorage, after having worked at PSU since 2002.