Maintaining the lead

So you’ve done well so far—made it to 6–1 or even 7–0 in your fantasy football league. Congratulations are in order, but 7–0 won’t get you a trophy or bragging rights. Do you think Jamaal Charles or Peyton Manning is a lock to carry you to that glory? Don’t be so naive. Don’t you remember in 2011 when Charles tore his ACL, or when Manning didn’t even play a single down? One day you’re on the way to glory and the next you’re knocked out of the playoffs. You can’t afford to be cocky. Here are some strategies to make sure your fantasy football team is diversified enough to win.

First of all, don’t be clingy. Seriously, this isn’t your first relationship. Drop those under performing big names and let some other poor sucker deal with them while you take a chance on some emerging stars. Here are some droppable guys and some interesting replacements.

Eli Manning: So you waited in the draft, thinking Eli would have a solid year again, huh? I made that mistake in one of my leagues as well. It isn’t the end of the world. You can get some awesome talent off the wire.

Take a look at Terrelle Pryor, Josh Freeman and Nick Foles.

Running back:
David Wilson: Cut the cord already. He has more fumbles than touchdowns. On top of it all, he now has a neck injury.

Montee Ball: Ball is not going to take the starting job for the Broncos anytime soon. Knowshown Moreno has been a stud this season, and Ronnie Hillman has even held off Ball. Ball is a third-string running back. Drop him.
Instead, get Zac Stacy, Andre Ellington or Joseph Randle. Always protect your lead running back, especially when you paid a pretty penny for them. Please don’t tell me you’re carrying some worthless third-string wide receiver and didn’t grab Bryce Brown or Ben Tate. Come on, guys!

Wide receiver:
Tavon Austin: As a Rams fan, it pained me to list our first-round pick here, but he hasn’t had a 50-yard performance yet! Sure, he got two touchdowns against the Falcons, but he needs to stop taking up room on your bench.

Dwayne Bowe: I know this is hard. Bowe has been great in the past. All the hype about him finally having a good quarterback has made this a difficult choice, but Alex Smith is not getting Bowe the ball and the Chiefs are running the ball a lot. Time to say goodbye.
Grab Harry Douglas, Rueben Randle and Jarrett Boykin.

Tight end:
Jared Cook: Another Ram that has so much potential. Cook is not producing and plays in the NFC West. He has potential, but potential won’t win you a championship.

Hurry up and grab Tim Wright, Kyle Rudolph or Scott Chandler.

It’s in your hands now! Just keep to the waiver wire gridiron and you could be raising that trophy come the end of the season. Good luck, and remember that fantasy football is always more important than having a life.