Man arrested for stalking in library

    A homeless man was arrested at the Portland State library on charges of stalking and assault Sept. 5.

    Three PSU Public Safety officers responded to Branford P. Millar Library at 4:23 pm after reports that Perry Lowe, a 53-year-old homeless man, was stalking an unidentified woman on the second floor of the library. Lieutenant Craig L. Whitten said that Lowe was being uncooperative when first approached.

    Lowe initially told the officers his name was Rio Muhammad. When no record of his given name was found, Whitten and Campus Security Officer David Baker approached Lowe to restrain him until his true identity was determined. Lowe then began to actively resist and attempted to reach into a black bag he was carrying, according to Whitton.

    Baker attempted to restrain Lowe with pepper spray, but missed when Lowe evaded the spray. Lowe then took control of the pepper spray, and activated it, spraying Whitten and Baker directly in the face.

    Backup was called, and the officers managed to restrain Lowe. Three Portland Police officers responded to the scene after Lowe was restrained.

    Baker was unable to see for about five minutes after being sprayed. He said he had burning sensations for almost six hours afterward.

    The victim said that Lowe had been following her for two months, but said she has no relationship with him besides that. According to the victim, Lowe had been following her around the library all afternoon, sitting near her even after she switched floors repeatedly to avoid him.

    Lowe was officially charged with stalking, disorderly conduct, and two counts of fourth-degree assault. His bail is set at $6500.