Rant & Rage: Til “meh” do us part

You did the dance. You got married, had the wedding, said the vows and topped it all off with a honeymoon. Now that all is said and done, things have settled, some time has gone by—it’s time for the divorce.

Rant & Rage: American Idiots

That’s it—I’m giving up. For some time now, I have remained optimistic that somewhere between the amber waves of grain and purple mountains, between California and the New York island, between the Redwood Forest and the Gulf Stream waters, existed at least two brains cells left to rub together and prove that some form of intelligence is possible in this society.

The Rant & Rage: Maximum annoyance

The Portland MAX: a marvel of the modern resurgence of rail and mass transit efficiency that not only advances the ingenuity of the city, but also serves the people of Portland with essential and valuable commuting options.

The Rant & Rage: Service this!

We all do it. It’s a necessity of life after all, a necessary evil. We all have to shop at some point or another, which doesn’t have to be so bad in the end, if not for the bastards relentlessly accosting me at every turn: customer service representatives.