Men are easy

Here’s the thing: All this falling-in-love shit is a complete sham.

All of you little bastards out there who think you’re so in love should wake up. Yeah, I know, you have finally found the one person on this earth who fits into the gargantuan mental mold of what the perfect partner should be like.

Hey, I am sure your little love bunny is awesome and everything, but have you ever stopped to think about why you are in love? Have you ever even asked yourself what love really is?

How do you know that this thing you are feeling is actually love? It could very well be nothing more than the combination of some lusty sensations in the pit of your stomach and a strong fear of being alone.

In my experience, most people can’t even give a solid definition of what they think love is or what it should feel like.

I have known tons of people who have met a hot guy or girl, start dating them and, within a month or less, they have declared to the world how in love they are. In the end, however, it never seems to work out. One person gets bored or the other person cheats and someone always gets hurt.

To me, love sometimes seems like a mean mental trick we play on ourselves to facilitate forgeting all the shit that’s really going on in our lives and in the world. We think we are in love when, really, it’s just convenient to have someone else around who has the same interests we do.

The reality about the L word is that, when you fall too quickly, it can be mental suicide. If you jump into love you might wind up with a broken heart sooner than you expect. Thinking you are in love is great for a while, until you realize that you have fallen out of love and wined up all alone again.

What is love? It’s tough to define. Here’s the truth about love: it is a decision. When two people realize that they are so in love they are ready to get married and spend the rest of their lives together (joint bank accounts and all), what they are really saying is that they believe in true love.

When two people decide they want to be together forever, it’s a huge decision. True love does not have to be some all-powerful connection with another person. It can simply be a decision.