Michael Moore to visit PSU

Filmmaker and activist Michael Moore will visit the Urban Plaza at noon on Tuesday, Oct. 19. Students with ballots will have priority for admission.

The visit was somewhat haphazardly arranged by 21st Century Democrats and Sierra Club. The 21st Century Democrats website reports that tickets will be available for the show, but coordinator Mara Gross indicated that the event did not require a ticket for admission. At University of Oregon and Willamette University, his planned appearances have been publicized for at least a week.

Portland is one of many stops in his “Slacker Uprising Tour,” in which he urges reluctant citizens to vote and buy his new book, “Will They Ever Trust Us Again? Letters from the War Zone.”

Before hitting PSU, Moore will visit University of Oregon and Willamette University on Monday, Oct. 18. From Portland, he will continue to Key Arena in Seattle. The U of O and Willamette University and Seattle events will cost viewers between $5 and $15 per ticket, and have been taken off-campus to allow for large crowds.