Music world happenings

Spring is here, and it seems like lots of musicians are busyreuniting their old bands, starting new ones, and getting theirasses kicked in fights (maybe only Josh Homme for this one). Thefresh breeze and gentle rain is inspiring people everywhere tocreate, appreciate and lie about getting beat up (again, this oneis kind of shaping up to be just Josh Homme). But violence anddenial aside, there are a few bits of news this week to whet yourappetite until the next proto-punk band decides to reunite.

Guitar, Grammy sold
In a well-timed and completely shameless cash-in on the mythos ofKurt Cobain, one of his guitars was sold at auction, according The instrument, a 1960s Mosrite Gospel, brought in a tidysum of $117, 500. The high price of the guitar is partiallyattributable to the fact that its late owner modified it to fit hisleft-handed needs. Also sold alongside Kurt’s Mosrite was JohnLennon’s 1975 Grammy. I guess Yoko needed to make a little moreroom in the house.

Cobain to the tube
Speaking of Kurt Cobain, NME reports that a made-for-TV movie basedon his life is in the works over at the WB. A script is alreadyunderway, and it will be based on Charles Cross’ 2001 bestseller”Heavier Than Heaven.” There’s no definite word on who will star inthe film, but chances are it will be some cheesy television actor.Another possibility is that the film will star Steven Seagal andfocus on Kurt’s brief stint in the FBI, in which case the titlewill likely be along the lines of “Steven Seagal: Smells Like TeenSpirit.”

Okay, maybe it won’t be quite that bad, but there’s no way itwill be any good, especially considering who’s making it and whereit’s going to air.

“The day Kurt Cobain died was the day the music died for ageneration. His story is perfect for our audience,” said WB’ssenior vice president of original movies, Tana Nugent Jamieson,giving insight into the likely lack of insight to be demonstratedin this made-for-TV desecration and over-mystification.

Morrissey persuades Dolls
Glammy proto-punks the New York Dolls have apparently been talkedinto reuniting, and by none other than songwriter and Dolls fanMorrissey, according to Pitchfork. Original members David Johansen,Sylvain Sylvain and Arthur Kane will have their ranks filled out bysome strange and varied musicians, such as Izzy Stradlin of Guns N’Roses.

While the Dolls have not scheduled any tour dates beyond the onethey’re doing for Morrissey, there’s always a possibility thatthings will go well and yet another legendary band will havereunited this year. Unfortunately, if you want to see them, you’llhave to make your way to London and the Meltdown Festival thisJune.

MC5 together again
MC5 has also decided that it’s a good time to reunite and, underthe name DTK/MC5, will play a few shows in Australia, Aversionreports. It’s disappointing enough that it’s happening so far away,but the guests joining the three original members for the concertsmake it much worse. Taking over on vocals will be Mudhoney’s MarkArm and that guy Evan Dando, with Radio Birdman’s Deniz Tek makingguest appearances on guitar.

Heartburn affectsDarkness
Justin Hawkins, the voice of arena hard-rock sensations TheDarkness, will be undergoing throat surgery next week. “I’m goingto have an operation,” Hawkins told Los Angeles’ KROQ radio. “(It’son) my esophagus, because I get acid reflux, which comes into mythroat and is the reason why I had to cancel a couple of shows thistour.”

While there shouldn’t be any permanent damage from the routinesurgery, it will take a while for his falsetto to recover. As such,the operation will coincide with the band’s intended month-longbreak.

Wilson in over his head
Legendary geezer Brian Wilson has been keeping himself busy lately.Not only is he finally finishing and releasing Smile, but a new,original solo album entitled Getting’ In Over My Head is scheduledfor release this summer, according to NME. Brian called on someother legendary oldsters to lend their talents, including PaulMcCartney, Eric Clapton and Elton John. The Beach Boys songwriteralso plans on integrating some of the new material into his liveset this summer.

Homme beats hombre
Aversion reports that Queens of the Stone Age guitarist Josh Hommedisagrees with the statement released by his own publicist, andinstead claims that he was the victor in the bar fight that hebecame embroiled in a couple weeks ago. If you remember, Homme wasforced to cancel an Eagles of Death Metal gig or two afterwards,and his publicist stated simply, “Josh is hurt.”

Now, to me, this sounds a lot more like the one who was on thelosing end of the fight. But apparently this isn’t the case, asJosh has clearly stated. Maybe he needs a new publicist, one thatbacks up his stories better and doesn’t let the truth get in theway of macho posturing.