PSU PC’s shut down

A faulty software update released yesterday morning by McAfee, a company that provides computer virus protection services, caused computers to be shut down around the world, including many at Portland State.

Forum for senate hopefuls

Just over half of those running for Student Senate were present at a public forum yesterday, at which all candidates essentially agreed with one another on nearly every issue.  As in past years, fewer candidates are running than there are vacant senate seats.

A check on law enforcement

A protest against police brutality made its way onto the Park Blocks of Portland State’s campus yesterday at about 6:30 p.m. According to local TV news outlets, the protesters did not have a permit for the march, which started on the North Park Blocks at 5 p.m. and included unnamed anarchist groups.

Recovering from accusations

Since tenured economics professor John Hall accused student Zaki Bucharest of being an undercover FBI agent and provocateur during his class, white supremacy groups have threatened Bucharest’s family and he has received racist and violent harassment on his public social networking profiles.

Guns prohibited on campus

Following the Jan. 14 incident in which economics professor John Hall accused a student of carrying a gun on campus, many have asked for clarification of the campus weapons policy.