My house is not your home

For many first-time or returning college students, one of the largest hurdles to overcome in attending school may not be understanding what classes to take or student clubs to join, but can simply involve figuring out where one will live.

Since Portland State University is relatively close to such popular suburbs as Beaverton, Hillsboro and Gresham, some students opt to commute to class everyday via the Max train line. Still, others desiring to take advantage of the many amenities that downtown Portland offers, may wonder what options are available for individuals who wish to live on or near campus.

Much like the immense ethnic, religious, artistic and culinary diversity that exists within the university’s small oasis in the core of Oregon’s urban center, housing options are just as varied.

Unlike most universities, PSU does not have an Office of Residence Life that manages on-campus housing. Instead, a student-run nonprofit organization called College Housing Northwest (CHNW) manages on-campus housing. They can be reached at 503-497-1188. Through this system of management, students rent their dorm room or apartment on a month to month basis (utilities are covered in the rent for most on-campus units), rather than contracting with a Residence Life office for the entire academic year. This system also provides relief for out-of-state students who cannot afford to go home during breaks, because those individuals can continue to live in campus housing until they graduate (as long as they continue to meet the minimum requirements set by CHNW).

If after visiting CHNW, a student decides they do not want to live on campus, other housing resources available include, and