NAACP hosts talks for Black History Month

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is presenting a forum, “Tribute to Black Men,” Feb. 7 as part of a series of special forums on issues that may have been considered taboo in the past. Tuesday night’s meeting addresses the issue of complexion in the black community.

The NAACP chapter at Portland State offers a space for people to discuss issues on cultural identity. Cynthia Sartin, president of the NAACP at Portland State, said the group is trying to have a dialogue about issues that have not been brought up in the black community before. She said this opportunity is intended to advance the community.

February is Black History Month, but that month has been extended here at Portland State University. Sartin said that they started the activities in January and will be continuing them until early March.

However, Sartin stressed that the NAACP is for all students. She said it has been a misconception that the NAACP is only for black students. According to the NAACP official Web site, the NAACP is made up of thousands of individuals of all nationalities and races. Those people are united under the premise that all men and women are created equal.

Sartin said that the Portland State University group meets every other week. There is no NAACP office on campus. The NAACP campus number is 503-725-9070. Sartin can be reached for more information at 503-725-5675.