Question your dreams

The Invitation
Lightbox Studio
1306 N.W. Hoyt St. #407
Feb. 1-3, 8-10
8 p.m.
Free with a suggested donation of $7
Reservations: 503-231-0839

According to its Web site, The Lightbox Studio’s goal is to be an arena for artists to research, practice and produce new and evolving art forms. The experimental productions include performance, writing, visual arts and installation.

The newest collaboration is entitled “The Invitation,” and is billed as “a most bizarre adventure.” Director Jason Aksuzian has created a story “of what would happen if your dreams decided to beat you over the head with a large hammer in order to teach you a lesson about love.”

This intimate performance follows one girl, Maga, as she travels in a dreamlike vision of “humor, fear, a mutated fish and a big scary lobster.” This practice in “creative freedom” includes music and imagery to help actors tell the story.

The production allows the use of acrobatic and vocal stylings with an emphasis on improvisation honed in rehearsal to create a precise result. This performance is likely to have an intimate performance-art feel.

The performance will be held in the Gadsby Building, located in the heart of the hip and trendy Pearl District. The building is in the midst of a renovation, so be prepared to hike up four flights of stairs because there seems to be no elevator in sight. The ‘stage’ area looks to be a room with folding chairs lining the walls and a series of strange props. Seating will most certainly be limited, so it would be wise to make a reservation. You can do so by calling 503-231-0839.