‘I just wanna see you strip’

What do you, Chris Brown and T-Pain have in common? The unrelenting, deep-seated desire to visit a strip club. Strip clubs need no introduction, so without further delay, here are five strip clubs in PDX suitable for anyone’s taste.

I dream of garbage

Most Americans, we Portlanders in particular, are used to hearing the shrill early morning chirp of the recycling truck. Some of us have already begun our day, others cover their heads with pillows in annoyance, and a small percentage of the population sleep right through it.

Rethinking the war on drugs

Every Friday, six to 15 students congregate in Portland State’s Smith Memorial Student Union building to talk about America’s drug policy. For an hour, ideas are shared, opinions discussed and guests present talks about the current drug laws.

Mission: Im-pop-able

“This is the 52nd year of one of the oldest and most prestigious things a choir can be accepted to sing at, and we had never applied before this year,” said Ethan Sperry, music department professor and director of choral activities, about the annual Seghizzi International Choral Competition.

We’re all in this together

Contrary to popular belief, the practice of group sex, or orgies, is not reserved for dirty pornos and manly fantasies. In this day and age, it’s likely that more people have at least given group sex some consideration.

A world without borders

They leap in the air, feet moving in fast motion as they follow the rhythm of the legs before landing softly on the hard surface. They twirl, swan-like arm movements filling the air, fingers interlocked in one continuous movement until signaled to break. They dance.

P:ear ‘jumps for joy’

The creation of art has always been used for more than just aesthetic appeal. For some people, art is a type of therapy. For others, art is a method for safely expressing themselves. And some create art to alleviate a physical ailment.

Bringing it close to home

The world has always heard about regions in crisis: Germany’s Holocaust, Darfur’s genocide and Mexico’s drug cartel terror are a few prime examples. In an increasingly interconnected world, it is hard to imagine a conflict in one area that does not affect another. On Jan. 24, five PSU student groups will come together in support of one common cause: awareness.

La huelga!

Martin Luther King Jr. is widely revered as one of the most influential individuals in U.S. history. For this reason, Portland State holds an annual weeklong celebration in honor of MLK and his accomplishments. This year, however, the cultural centers at PSU will put a new spin on this monumental holiday.

Harvest time

Native American Heritage Month continues

For some, the month of November brings thoughts of turkey dinners, Starbucks holiday cups and the realization that fall term at PSU is almost over. For the members at the Native American Student and Community Center, this month holds a different meaning.

Cross-cultural comedy

The 1491s come to Portland State

The 1491s, “a sketch comedy group based in the wooded ghettos of Minnesota and buffalo grass of Oklahoma,” according to their website, have been spawning a new era of Native American satirical education since they made their first video.