Small films, big dreams

Visuals Film Festival showcases talent of PSU students and greater Portland community

This Friday, Portland State’s 5th Avenue Cinema is holding its 10th annual Visuals Film Festival, in which university and community filmmakers showcase their work for the public.

Reaching across the continents

Final installment of First Saturday Lecture Series to feature pre-modern Chinese history expert

Every first Saturday since September 2011, students, staff, volunteers and Portland residents have gathered to learn about East Asian culture.

Fruit of the loom

MFA candidate Jessica Hickey reveals the secrets of guardian weaving

The second floor of the Art Building has become the temporary home of Master of Fine Arts candidate Jessica Hickey’s graduate exhibition curiously titled >.

No, that’s not a typo. From Monday, April 30, through Wednesday, May 9, > will be on view in the Autzen Gallery. Hickey’s work, which has been in development for over a year, focuses on guardian weaving and what she calls “material propositions,” which include pieces made of cement, flour and other substances.

Muatasem Mishal stars as Daud (later “David”) who tests his faith as a Muslim by befriending Jews.

The pursuit of holiness

Film David offers a powerful glimpse into Muslim and Jewish lives

As human beings, we have the choice to spend our finite time on this earth as we so desire. For example, right now I could be sleeping, but instead have chosen to embark on yet another narrative journey in writing this article—in exchange for money to feed my junk food, clothing and buying-a-hedgehog funds.

Ceramic celebration Michael Riles introduces the art of porcelain as Saturday’s guest lecturer.

The king of Qing porcelain

Penultimate event in First Saturday Lecture Series at PSU featured local Chinese porcelain expert

Last Saturday, the PSU Institute for Asian Studies and the Lan Su Chinese Garden’s First Saturday volunteer group teamed up once again for their monthly First Saturday East Asian Program Series, which brings in speakers for the community free of charge.

Will Bruno contemplates his creations in the AB Lobby.

The process and product of self-expression

MFA graduate student Will Bruno showcases artwork in AB Lobby and MK Gallery

Will Bruno, a Master’s of Fine Arts candidate, remarked that the AB Lobby Gallery in the Art Building has been transformed into “a place where art production happens.”

In your face: Atlas Sound’s Brandford Cox gets up close and personal.

The Hawthorne Theatre

Good music, good company, great fun

If you like good music and enjoy equally good food, then you should probably ditch your lonely date with over-seasoned Top Ramen and iTunes and make a trip to The Hawthorne Theatre instead.

Oscars 2012 recap

84th Academy Awards a mixed bag of dull and delightful

I love the Oscars.

I love watching rehearsed presenters try to appear spontaneously funny and then fail miserably.

I love watching pretty people wear dresses that cost more than the building I live in.

Finding music in unlikely places

PSU Percussion Ensemble remembers American composer John Cage

“Ready?” asks Jeffrey Peyton, acting director of percussion studies and music faculty, to the six percussion students standing expectantly before him.

Korea Night 2012

The event promises to be the biggest of the year for Korean Student Association

For the past three months, the second floor of Portland State’s Broadway Housing Building has been a preparation site for a group of student volunteers.

Some dance in front of tall windows, refining their choreographed movements with tenacity and concentration. Others sit behind 10-gallon buckets, rhythmically beating them with drumsticks. Some work independently on skits and runway walking.

Chinese Lunar New Year comes to PSU

Confucius Institute presents a traditional celebration

Fireworks burst in the air, towns and cities are covered in bright red and golden dragons parade the streets.

In China, this kind of celebration can be seen at the start of every New Year. The Chinese Lunar New Year is the biggest festival in China, and this year, the students and staff of the PSU community will be able to partake in the celebration.