News Briefs

Kerry blames Bush for high gas prices in Portlandvisit
PORTLAND, Ore. (AP)- Democratic presidential hopeful John Kerrysaid Tuesday that drivers are paying a “Saudi-George Bush gasolinetax” because the president hasn’t pressured oil-producing nationsto increase their output.

Kerry, speaking in the swing state of Oregon, also said he has”a level of trust” with world leaders that would allow him torepair relationships he says President Bush has damaged with hisforeign policy.

Kerry said the Bush administration has failed to help foreignleaders see their interest in rebuilding Iraq.

“That tells you everything about the arrogance and ineptness ofthe foreign policy of this administration that needs to bechanged,” he said.

Bush campaign spokesman Steve Schmidt said Kerry creates a falseimpression by repeatedly referring to his relationships withforeign leaders as if they were ongoing.

Kerry’s visit to Portland was his second in two weeks, this timefocusing on rising gas prices. Oregon is a battleground in thepresidential race and has some of the highest gas prices in thenation.

A student at Kerry’s campaign stop asked whether the UnitedStates might reinstate the military draft because of soldiershortages in Iraq. Kerry said his foreign policy would make itunnecessary to have a draft, and accused Bush of having a”clandestine draft” that has turned the National Guard and Reservesinto “almost active duty.”

Former Gov. Roberts to speak at PSU
Former Oregon Gov. Barbara Roberts will speak about her new book at3 p.m. in the Smith Memorial Student Union Vanport Room,Thursday.

The book, called “Death Without Denial, Grief Without Apology,”offers advice on facing death with dignity and grace. In the book,Roberts recounts the loss of her husband, former PSU faculty memberand state legislator Frank Roberts.

The event is free and open to the public, and is sponsored bythe Retirement Association of Portland State and the PSU AlumniAssociation.

PSU to host food industry symposium
A symposium examining consolidation trends in the retail-food andfood-processing industries will take place this Thursday in theUniversity Place building from 2 to 5 p.m.

The free event, featuring four experts on the topic includingPSU professor Tom Gillpatrick from the School of BusinessAdministration, will examine the effects of food industryconsolidation on the wages and benefits of food industry workers,donations to food banks and the economic health of Oregon.